Wood Hues and Blue Tones

Wood hues & blue tones have me 😍😍at the Greenhouse Two Rivers…how pretty is this photo from TJ Stansbury Photography 🤩🤩

Can we just talk about a pet peeve? Well I’m going to so ….
Putting a cake on a table, a cake that you paid so much money for and not dressing it up?? I hate when I show up to a venue and the cake is put on a table, in a dark corner against a horrible backdrop 😒. 

So much planning is put into all of the other details for your wedding so……dress up that table!! …..make sure it’s not in front of a backdrop with wires or cords etc. and NO dark corners!! 

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Wood hues and blue tones

MET Bride 2019 Show

MET Bride Winter Show 2019

🎶🎶its a family affairrrrr🎶🎶

My sister and I maned the booth and my brother and sister in law introduced their new mobile vintage bar The Traveling Tin Co.

Thank you so much to my amazing sister for always helping with the Metropolitan Bride bridal expo and my husband for helping on the back end. Truly could not do it without you guys!! 

This was hands down the busiest/best show I have done in 5 years with the Metropolitan bridal show ❤. We gave away 625 samples and ended up running out an hour and 20 min before it ended 😭

Thank you to all of the amazing brides that came to see us. We would love to sit down and design your wedding cake! 

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