Meet Your Baker.

Behind Every Cake is A Story of Passion, Family, Flavors, and A Motley Crew.
Charity Fent being goofy while riding a bike.

Hey Friends

My name is Charity Fent and along with my husband Justin we own and operate Charity Fent Cake Design LLC.  I am the one doing most of the baking, decorating, answering emails/messages, tastings, sending invoices and answering all of your calls. With that being said, we are a family owned and operated small business and that means we do it all ourselves. What does that mean for you? We invest everything into each and every order that walks out of our doors. There are times I struggle with where I’m going to put your childs name or where to put a flower on a brides cake, but I want to know without a doubt at the end of the day, I was 100% happy with the product I made for you.  I love to do anything artistic; whether that is taking a photo, making a cake, painting or drawing. Anything nautical steals my heart. Someday when I retire I see us by the water, near a lightouse enjoying all life has to offer.


When I was asked this question I had to think for a while, but did I really need to? NO. I knew the answer, but I was trying to find something more in depth to say. It’s easy.  I love what I do because of the fulfillment and purpose it gives me, knowing I’m doing something to make others happy. I see my customers as family not as a number. I do not create cakes that you can walk in and see at a grocery store. I create works of art that take hours/days to get the details perfect so you can proudly display them for your friends and family.
Charity Fent decoration a cake with passion and precision.

And her crew.

Charity Fent's oldest son Chase.
My oldest son Chase, is the reason I started this business. He asked for a carved army tank cake when he was 14 so I decided to try my hand at it and haven’t looked back since. He is also my retired cake pop roller, but quit to get a job away from mom. Not sure what that’s about.
Charity Fent and her husband Justin.
My husband Justin, otherwise known as my better half will probably be the one you meet when picking up your cakes. He is also the cupcake/cake pop maker. Don’t worry, I still do all of the decorating…even though I’m pretty sure he could do that too!
Charity Fent's youngest son Hudson.
Hudson, my baby, KEEPS ME ON MY TOES! He has the biggest heart and is a total character. If I’m being honest he’s basically the boss.